What Serpa can do for me

1. Relax

I am stressed out and need to do something good for me, activating my creativity


5. Local tradition

I want to learn about local traditions and taste local food.


2. Action

I desire action or an outdoor challenge.


6. Romantic moments

I would like to share romantic moments with my partner in Serpa. 


3. Discover

I am curious to discover the jewels of this place with friends and family.


7. Retreat and ....

I want to retreat myself for some time for a mental, spiritual and corporal refresh. 


4. Nature

I want to feel nature and observe. 


... burnout

I need to disconnect for a certain time, and have to breathe my head by doing something completely different.

NB: All the following activities can be combined, so that you can create your own menu according to your preferences. Just tell us in what you are interest in. 

1. Relax and create


A massage is a perfect way to deblock your energies. A professional therapeutic masseuse will take care of you.  

€ 30.00/person (VAT incl.)


Painting tiles / azulejos

The famous azulejos are the typical face of Portugal. Make your own experience in this art under the instructions of a known local artist. 

€ 10.00/person (VAT incl.)

> minimum 7 participants

Playing an instrument

Did you always dream of playing an instrument, but you never had the chance to do it? We organise for you a 1h-session with a professional music teacher. Just tell us what you want to play. 

€ 20.00/person (VAT incl.)


Coming soon: 

Workshop olive oil soap

Make your own soap out of organic olive oil.  

2. Action

Stand-up paddle

The stand-up paddle at the Alqueva lake is possible throughout the year. In the summer, the feeling is incomparable; In wintertime, the enjoyment is extraordinary.

€ 25.00 to 45.00 (VAT incl.)


Canoe Kayak

Quiet course and then downstream to the mills with rapids. This is an adventure to repeat again and again!

€ 30.00 to € 36.00 (VAT incl.)


Stress Out!

Who comes to Serpa usually has too much accumulated stress. Well, you have to throw it away! You can enjoy a boxing session with a professional coach. And then yes, you will be in line with the local style: easy going!

€ 10.00/person (VAT incl.)


Hot air balloon flights

A dream come true. Admire the beauty of the Alentejo countryside in a hot air balloon ride. Departure at Serpa. A challenge that nobody will ever forget!

€ 160.00 (VAT incl.)


Jeep Tour

Each jeep ride lasts 3h30 through a magnificent course. On the way, the obligatory stop for lunch happens at the typical places. Take the pulse of the area in a special way.

€ 45.00 to 60.00 (VAT incl.)


Bike Tour

Regardless of whether you have a bike or not, with us you will be able to get to know idyllic places in the Alentejo.


Without bicycle rental: € 29.00 - 58.00/person 

With bicycle rental: € 58.00 - 81.00/person

(VAT incl.)


3. Discover


The discovery of a paradise still in its pure state, a breathtaking beauty. In search of wild orchids, roses of the saw, the so called "albardeiras", the wild asparagus.

  • Different degrees of difficulty; 
  • Between 4h-7 days; 
  • Included: picnics, insurance and transfers, (optional: lunch and stay); 
  • Permanent tour guide.

€ 29.00 to € 550.00/person (VAT incl.)


Horse buggy ride

Visiting Serpa in a horse buggy ride is an extremely pleasant experience. Luna and Serpinia, the two mares of the horse buggy, take you through the streets of this "white village".

€ 15.00/trip (VAT incl.)


Coal Furnaces

Coal does not come from the supermarket! Visit the furnace where it is produced in a traditional way. You may even have the chance to be able to help and get your hands black!

€ 12.00/person (VAT incl.)


4. Nature


Bustard, Black Kite, Circaet, Vulture Percnoptera, Partridge, and Cuckoo are some bird species you can find here. Included: picnic, lunch, guided tour, transfers, binoculars, monocular and insurance.

1 day: € 75.00/person (VAT incl.) 1-2 px;

              € 63.00/person (VAT incl.) 3-5 px.

2 days: € 122.00/person (VAT incl.) 1-2 px;

               € 110.00/person (VAT incl.) 3-5 px.


Olive harvest

Experience working hard in the olive grove (and having fun). There is a traditional snack for the break. Enjoy a typical meal and go home with the liquid gold as a gift.  

€ 40.00/person (without accommodation);

€ 90.00 (accommodation with breakfast incl.)

> harvest season: October-December

Millenar olive trees

Inside and outside the walls of Serpa, an enormous treasure can be found: several millenar olive trees, some of which still produce olives. Come along to admire these beautiful, large and eccentric trees (with natural forms that resemble art works).

From € 29.00/person (incl. VAT)


Coming soon: 

Star observation

Because of weak lighting during the night, you can see stars in the Alentejo sky, which you may not have seen long since, like the milky way or other star constellations.

5. Local traditions and local food

Queijada de Serpa and traditional tee

Due to the fresh ingredients from local farms, the flavor of the soft cheese pastry of Serpa is just irresistible. You will also receive as a souvenir a traditional tee made with local herbs.   

€ 6.00/person (VAT incl.)


Choirs of Alentejo and other traditional groups

The Alentejo choir has been recognised a heritage of the humanity by the UNESCO since 2014. By hearing it (and singing it), we feel the depth of the Alentejo soul. The chorus is made up of two voices, alternating with the rest of the group.

Price: upon request

Tasting packages

Bread, goat's cheese, olives and wine; Local herbal liqueurs (e.g. “poejo” or river mint), black pork sausages, organic honey and other delicacies Serpa has available for you. Experience the reason why Alentejo gastronomy is placed at the highest levels.

From € 10.00/person (VAT incl.), Minimum: two px.


Wine culture

The wine from Alentejo has a vast notoriety that crosses borders. Add to this reputation an idyllic landscape that you can enjoy during a walk through the vineyards. At the end you taste the local wine together with regional products . Then you will understand the reason of its worldwide reputation!

€ 15.00/person (VAT incl.)

6. Romantic moments

Rural cosiness

Stay in a local B&B with a local rural character. Get special offers for romantic moments by booking with Serpa Lovers

 Between € 50.00 to 90.00 (VAT incl.) per room/night


Surprising moments 

Serpa Lovers organizes for your partner a surprising moment he/she will never forget. We can mobilize an orchestra or a local singer to show to your partner how much you love her/him. We have many ideas for you to create very special moments.

Price: upon request

Natural break

For your special break we can provide you natural juices, healthy and organic products, all from the region of Serpa.

Between € 8.00 to 20.00/person (VAT incl.)


Sunset walk and Dinner 

The sunsets of the Alentejo are famous. We give you the indications for the best sunset places and organise a romantic dinner for two. 

€ 25.00/person (VAT incl.), with dinner incl.

7. Retreat - Burnout

There are moments in life where everything in the head starts to turn.

You need a time-out to be able to breathe in a completely different environment in order to collect your ideas and to feel good again.

The small, well-arranged and clean city of Serpa, as well as the tranquility of the Alentejo offer the best condition for such a retreat. Here you are in a new rural environment. Nevertheless, there is a cultural link with the "old" world from which you come from. There is thus not a radical break taking place, but your are in a new place in which your get well along.

Serpa Lovers prepares unique programs for people in a burn-out situation or with the desire to retreat .

Each person will be able to agree on the type of activity that best suits their situation. To feel better, it is often simply necessary to do something different!


Suggestions: participation in agricultural works, help with livestock, olive picking, nature walks, accompanying groups of tourists, ...

Contact us.