About Us

"Work-Life-Balance" does not make any sense to us. Because work is also life, so if you do not like your work, you miss a big part of your life. 


That's our philosophy, and that's the philosophy of Serpa Lovers. 

We love what we do, by

  • sharing our passions and discoveries with others
  • being ourselves
  • believing in what we are doing
  • living well and healthy 


We speak English, Portuguese, French, German and Swiss German. Don't hesitate to talk to us. Your stay in Serpa shall be an unique and unforgettable experience. 

The team

Vera Vaz Zemp

has a master de-gree in psychology of the University in Braga/Portugal. 


Vera has worked for many years as a professional trainer in different public and private institutions.


"I love making people happy". 

Gregor Zemp

has a master degree in law and a PhD in international law of the University of Lucerne/Switzerland.

Gregor has many years of work experience in international commerce, consultancy and sales.  


"Happiness is made of little, but important things".  

Serpa Lovers history

Serpa Lovers started its activity in September 2016. 

We are working with experts in specific fields of activities and are reaching out to specialized international operators for individual tourism. 

Our Partners

... are local people and companies of Serpa and the Alentejo region. 

They are all masters in their specific art, and they are enjoying sharing their mastery with other people.